My City of Ruins

Grace isn't something one would associate with decay but Calcutta has that quality; its grandeur may have rusted, but a certain grace lingers in its neglected columns and statues.Calcutta under the Raj was a melting pot of various cultures. The nouveau riche of the city absorbed elements of Europe’s Greco-Roman heritage when they built their sprawling mansions. These houses studded with corinthian pillars and lined with balustrades of delicate grill-work, and strewn with copies of Greek and Roman marble statues.

Today much of this lies in a state of despair.The statues stand frozen in time and wear a haunted look. Withered, chipped, missing parts and peeling paint, they stand sentinel to a lost time with a quiet grace, like a soul that hasn't quite left the body.

A look one sees mirrored in the neglected residents of these houses.