The Owl Speaks

Nothing escapes the owl’s gaze, or so Kaliprasanna Singha would have you believe. He documented with cracking wit and literary vibrancy, the 19th century Calcutta - the city, her people; their banal and stupendous lives. This observant owl takes inspiration from the original Hootum Pyancha and seeks to frame, with wit and empathy the colorful lives of people, not only in Calcutta but wherever the road leads him. 

He’s not alone in this journey; he’s had much help along the way and credit must be given where it is due. The Chatterjee Brothers et al. have made invaluable contribution in the form of critique, companionship and encouragement. Thank you Moni for being an wonderful host and for supporting this venture for the last 2 years. I cannot thank my Sis, big bro Netfiend, Mimi di and Tapamama for just being a part of my life, for being my inspiration and my sounding board. Finally I would like to dedicate this website to Mimo (Hardika) for building it with so much care and consideration.